My trips and plans for all 52 weekends in 2010.

Jan 1-3 San Diego [photos]
8-10 Leavenworth Ice [photos]
15-17 Leavenworth Ice [photos]
22-24 Snoqualmie Mt Scramble [photos]
Feb 5-7 Mailbox Hike [photos]
Vantage Rock Climbing [photos]
19-21 Vantage Rock Climbing [photos]
26-28 Source Lake Ice Climbing [photos]
Mar 5-7 Exit 38 Rock Climbing
Vantage Rock Climbing [photos]
9-22 Argentina — Cordoba, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Los Gigantes Rock Climbing, Parque National Aconcagua Hiking, Los Arenales Rock Climbing [photos]
24-27 Red Rocks, NV Rock Climbing [photos]
Apr 2-4 Vantage Rock Climbing
11-13 Vantage Rock Climbing
16-18 WCN Vantage Rock Climbing
23-25 Tieton Rock Climbing [photos]
May 2 Leavenworth Rock Climbing [photos]
May 9 Vantage Rock Climbing
14 Exit 32 Rock Climbing
23 Denny Creek Hiking with large dogs [photos]
28-31 Ski to Sea Relay XC Skiing [photos]
Jun 4 McClellan Butte Hike [photos]
12-13 Snow Lake (failed attempt at Prussik Peak) [photos]
18-20 Index, Leavenworth
24-27 Smith Rock [photos]
Jul 4 Leavenworth
10 Index [photos]
16-18 Family Wedding, Outer Banks NC
23-25 Bachelorette Weekend, SF
30-Aug 1 Fortress/Chiwawa (attempt, thunderstorm, etc.)
Aug 6-8 Tieton [photos]
13-15 Doe Bay Fest
20-22 Ingalls [photos]
29-31 Mazama [photos]
Sep 3-6 Emerald, Saska, Cardinal, Pinnacle, Pyramid [photos]
10-12 WCN Leavenworth [photos]
17-19 Vantage [photos]
24-26 friends’ wedding!
Oct 1-3 Smith [photos]
8-10 WCN Smith [photos]
16-17 Index [16 photos][17 photos]
22-24 nothing!
29-31 Leavenworth [photos]
Nov 5-7 Gunks
12-14 Joshua Tree [photos]
19-21 Stone Gardens comp
26-28 Thanksgiving, Portland
Dec 3-5
10-12 Joshua Tree
18 Skyline Ridge (Stevens Pass) Snowshoeing [photos]
24 Granite Mountain Snowshoeing [photos]
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