Exit 38, June 14, 2011

2011 June 16

A quick after work run to Exit 38 with Tony and Rachel. Even quicker because it started raining at about 7. The excitement of the day was finding a slug in my climbing shoe before putting it on. I’m glad I saw it before shoving my foot in! That would be gross!

  • We Did Rock, Some Drugs, 5.9 sport (lead)
  • We Did Rock, Absolutely Nothing, 5.9 sport (lead)
  • We Did Rock, Unnamed, 5.10b sport (lead)I think this is the best route at We Did. I just went and voted it up on MountainProject (I think this is the one listed as Project, 5.10+ in the book? Well, it’s for sure not a project, everyone has done it)
  • We Did Rock, Sobriety, 5.9 sport (lead) This thing is getting polished. Reminds me of the slate quarries, except on the slate there would be maybe one bolt on the thing
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