Ice Conditions and Weather Links

This is a compilation of links to conditions and weather links for ice climbing in WA (and southern BC). In theory looking at all of these will reduce the chances of taking the tools for a walk and gear rehydration missions.


General conditions reports

Weather nerdery

  • standard environmental lapse rate = 3.56 °F /1000 ft = temperature decreases by 3.56 °F for 1000 ft elevation gain
  • caveat: if the weather is good for ice climbing the standard lapse rate is probably not accurate

Weather links for specific areas


Snoqualmie Pass

Reference elevations: Alpental Parking Lot = 3200ft, Source Lake = 3800ft, Snow Lake = 4100ft, Chair Pk summit = 6238ft, Snoqualmie Mt summit = 6278ft


Exit 38


Banks Lake

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